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Frusso is a detoxifying intestine product that is Rich in Probiotics and one of the main sources of energy is Dietary Fiber. Frusso's main function is to maintain the health of the intestines to make you keep in shape, and slim, prevent Diarrhea, and remove unsaturated oil in your body. 

Besides, Frusso is a weight loss drink rich in fibers and prebiotics that aids in constipation relief, weight management, trimming waistlines, and removing body fats in Australia. It is in powder form and comes in four fruity flavors: Mango, Lemon, Passion Fruit, and Peach.

Do you happen to find yourself occupying the tummy with food every day not knowing its nutritional content?

Human beings cannot live without food to sustain their body's energy. In fact, food is the main source of strength to keep ourselves active. Nonetheless, little that we know not all types of food are healthy for our bodies.

Such a habit can cause your body to accumulate toxins, especially in your intestinal area. Here's the thing, 90% of the body toxins originated from our intestines, yet such a high percentage contributes to various types of diseases. Biologically, the intestine is the organ that accumulates most toxins in the body and plays a significant role in body detoxification. However, prolonged and accumulated toxins in the body may put your health at risk and affect your outlook.

Here is Why you need FRUSSO?

Frusso helps you to control your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Most importantly it can help you to lose weight with an only easy step!


✅ Relieve constipation & discharge enterotoxin

✅ Promote intestinal movement & enhance digestion

✅ Avoid bad breathe & promote oral freshness

✅ Rejuvenate beauty & improve skin problems

✅ Healthy slimming & weight control

How Can I Make Payment?

Price matching for New Zealand, Canada, the US, Malaysia, Singapore, the UK, and UAE. Look for customer support to match the currency.

UAE can be purchased in AED, the price is Affordable, please contact our support for further information. 
Use this link for UAE payment: FRUSSO UAE




Here's what you get when you purchase BUY 2 FREE 1 FRUSSO



20 Sachets in 1 box with 4 different flavors

Direction of use

1) Mix 150-200ml of warm water, is better if you have a shaker.
2) Use only 1 sachet per day, use it to directly replace your dinner.
3) Please avoid coffee, tea and medicine at least for 2-3 hours when you use it.


Customer Reviews

Based on 244 reviews
Clyde Johnson ✅Verified Buyer
Awesome and gentle

Does its job with no discomfort!

Judith Faulkner-Hutchison ✅Verified Buyer
Feeling skinnier already

When i drink this fiber drinks, it makes me more energetic and also gives me the sensation of already losing weight.

Katie Carlson ✅Verified Buyer
Weight loss support? Yes please!

Reason why im giving 5 Stars beacause it really works. Im just started in a week and notice difference. Im not bloating.I also feel lighter,energized. Everyone is different and i must say try this fiber drinks is the way to go you wont be dissapointed. Drink plenty plenty and plenty of water, healthy diet and excercise and tou would notice the difference

Tricia-Lynn ✅Verified Buyer
Receive in 5days

receive frusso in just 5days , thanks findy

P. Pagano ✅Verified Buyer
Good product

It took a little bit to start working but I have seen a difference with bloating and I've finally dropped 5 pounds since starting it 2 weeks ago. I like the taste of both and don't have to add any sweetener

Frequently Asked Questions

You can safely consume Spiro and Frusso during your period. These products do not contain sucrose or glucose but only a small amount of fructose. The good news is that fructose typically does not cause a significant spike in blood sugar levels. In fact, the dietary fiber in Frusso can be particularly beneficial during your period. It helps delay the absorption of sugar, preventing sudden increases in blood sugar. This can be especially important for individuals with diabetes who want to manage their blood sugar levels while dealing with menstrual symptoms.

sure you can as Spiro and Frusso do not contain sucrose or glucose, only a small amount of fructose, and fructose does not cause a spike in blood sugar, so taking 1 or 2 sachets of Frusso and spiro per day does not affect the blood sugar of diabetic patients. In addition, dietary fiber in Frusso can help delay the absorption of sugar and prevent the sudden increase of blood sugar.

The ingredients of Spiro & Frusso are natural and safe, however there is no studies that proved that its safe for pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. Therefore it is not recommend to them.

Not recommended as patient with colitis must avoid food such as high fiber, spicy and oil foods/supplements. Therefore, it is not recommended to take Spiro & Frusso as it will cause stoamch upset. Only after the recovery of colitis, customer can consume Spiro & Frusso to maintain gastrointestinal health.

Yes, both are safety to consume but supplements does not cure colorectal cancer. Yet if customer is suffering critical stage or any cancer, its not recommend to consume. This applied to all supplements.

The main causes of hernia are: i) intestinal muscle weakening due to degeneration ii) pressure in the intestine. Hernia is not directly related to dietary fibre, but high fibre intake help in defecation, which can slow down muscle degradation in the intestine.

Yes, you can. Fibroid are benign tumors and Spiro & Frusso are rich in dietary fiber, therefore it does not affect each other.